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Do you remember when you were 16? Were you sure then who you want to be in the future? In hindsight, wouldn't you then want to meet a mentor or professional from different professions to understand what the profession is? What to pay special attention to? What mistakes to avoid? Which studies should you go to? When to start your first job?

If the answer is yes, then we will tell you that many people who are currently in high school, technical school or vocational school are in a similar situation as you were at the age of 16.

When graduating from school (very often with very theoretical general knowledge), young people have to make important decisions related to their studies and profession. Your experience and tips may prove very valuable to them!


  • You would like to share your knowledge related to your career path. education

  • You have a bit of free time

  • You have the ability to actively listen and impart knowledge

  • You are an empathetic person

Fill out the form below and we will invite you to a lesson in one of the schools.


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Role-Models from our sessions:


Bruna Cardoso

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Tourism Manager


Danuta Kondek

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International Business Management


Mario Teixeira

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Sports Manager

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